Monday, July 18, 2011

Drunken Stupor Part 2 !!

The next round of drinks ... and here it flows

Sleep is coming over

But my mind is still wide awake

Where is the sandman’s powder

When my slumber is at stake?

I decide its no further use

To lie still and brood

So I get up and out of my false snooze

And head outside to clear my mood.

I sit under the cloudy night sky

And light up a cigarette

And dream of dreams that could be

And kingdoms that could have been.

My thoughts are broken by a cool breeze

And a muffled noise from the neighbours TV

A melodramatic music and a dramatic scene

It is definitely the climax of the movie.

For fear of falling coconuts

Or rotten mangoes dropping on my head

I walk back inside to get under my rugs

Lest I wake up in the morning with a headache instead.

I pickup my laptop on the way

And rest myself quietly

Opening up this word document

I write this excuse of a poetry.


Forbidden thoughts and forbidden things

So much to say and songs to sing

At some point it will all come out

In a torrent that will put out

even the strong and the stout

but till then it is wise

to keep quiet and act meek

lest the stout should rise

and hit me where I can’t even take a leak.


Hoping for fame and glory

Seems to me steeped in infamy.

For all that I have done

To gain popularity

Has never been any fun

And drowned me in anonymity.

but why do something,

That seems to fetch me no reward

Its neither fun nor interesting.

But whats really interesting

Is that which I do for fun

Seems to fetch me the right reward.

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