Sunday, July 17, 2011

Drunken Stupor !!

This is what I vomitted after a few drinks ...

Tiny flowers of the coconut tree,
lying on the ground like fans on a football field,
is it becoz of the rain,
or is it becoz of the wind,
or is it the bats flying free.
Two pegs of whiskey,
and your mind is set free,
Two pegs of whiskey,
and we all sing with glee,
Two more pegs of whiskey,
and God knows to where our senses flee.

Traditions tie us down to the system
giving us a false sense of wisdom
traditions lift our egos, making us look down upon 'em
bogging us down to all the triumph and criticism.
Traditions are nothing but a waste and we should get rid of them.

More after the next round ... :)

1 comment:

Amit Charles said...

Good one... Two more pegs of whiskey to say cheers!

keep it goin;)