Friday, July 29, 2011

A little Crack in Me

There is a little crack in me

Somewhere on the surface

Or deep inside of me,

But I just know it is there.

It doesn’t show itself

nor does it hurt me anywhere

but it seeps my sanity

and makes me look pale.

But it is unlike any other crack

‘coz it makes me feel heavy

And woozy and out of track

And leaves my brain totally empty.

I don’t know how to seal it

Bandage it or cement it

‘coz I cant even find it

Trace it or even have a hunch about it.

It leaves me last in every race

Be it in sport or any other case

Intellectually it leaves me a vegetable

And makes me moronically able.

It makes me the laughing stock

Of people around me and my peers

Making me nothing worth a talk

Pushes my body and my soul to tears.

This crack is a bane on me

Forcing artificial smiles on my face

When I would rather be

Left alone and happy to go at my own pace.

The smile is totally wiped off me

The laughter stolen away

Now I feel like a dead tree

All dried up and rotting away.

What a bad thing this crack is

I wonder how I got it

It must have been a sneeze

Or a fight or something bad I did.

Oh this crack is now going wild

I cant even face many people

For fear of being compared to a child

My self esteem plummets on the double.

But what can I do to this crack in me

That’s flipped me left to right

Well there’s really not much left to do

But hold strong and put up a fight.

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